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Hello, I am Sébastien

I clear what's not clear for clear minds

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#UI/UX design #Front-end #mobile-application

Pray is a web application that allows you to buy or sell any presales when and whenever you want. It’s easy to use and it will make your party life become crazy.

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Cupcake Factory
#UI/UX design #Front-end #web-interface

For this project we needed to create a visual indentity about a coffee shop that propose cupcakes and other sweets. The shop is located in Namur, bel.

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#UI design #JavaScript #web-application

Destiny is a website that gives you an answer about any of your questions. Let the truth talk for you and discover what’s the real reality ! Destiny will show you the right way.

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I’m a young and passionate Web designer who wants to move the world around.

I love creating strong visuals in a new way. It has to be clean and perfect all the time and i have only one recipy : The willing.

I love also writing some interessant topics !

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I am looking for an internship

From 7 november 2016 until 27 january 2017. I want to get more experience and practice a lot, so if you need me, click the button below and let’s start the adventure !

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