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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more crytocurrencies are virtual assets that can be trade worldwide, but what more interesteting than trading online with other brokers ? Bitrade is the crypto platform that make trading become accessible to everyone, for all levels.

I built this entire project alone for my final year project. I wanted to push my own limits by visiting a complete new area with lots of new technologies. Cryptocurrency are on trending and it was the perfect spot to build something around it.

The big deal of this project was to create a landing and a platform that would fit in user's needs. As a daily trader myself, I had to answer most answered question of community's feedback.


A trading experience

Bitrade is made to be simple. The interface has been imaginated to fit exactly what users need to understand and the actions they need to do.

Based on all the feedback I received from other traders, from beginners to pro, I applied everything in the right order to make the experience of trading digital assets more easy to understand.

Poster of Bitrade trading platform

01An idea is born

The beginning of Bitrade

The idea of building a crypto platform came naturally as I was invested in virtual currency for almost a year. I wanted to be able to connect with people, via a dedicated platform.

It wasn't possible to find something like this on the internet. I asked myself, why not give it a try and build something that could give an answer to this big problem the community were facing as well.

02Searching ideas

Looking for answers

Now that I've found my idea, I need to analyze and gather information about traders to understand their habits, their desires, their expectations and their daily behavior in crypto-currency trading.

This will allow me to define my future features in my trading application.


03Define the content

Information architecture

The next step of the project was to define the content hierarchy. It's important to care about what's nice to say and what's not important. Have a look at the content here below.

See content

04Going on visuals

Building the brand

After all the content done, I decided to start building visuals based on my wireframes and information architecture. I searched for my main colors as well as other key elements to fit in my graphic guidelines.

  • #1D9390
  • #15B8AC
  • Both
  • #303030
Font & Ratio headphone

05Creating & coding

Creating the app & landing of Axiome

Once the designs made, I started coding them all day and all night. I had to bring my platform and landing to life. The task wasn't easy It's a pleasure to make ideas become true.

I built everything in responsive to make sure everyone can access it as easy as possible. The future will be composed of lots of screen sizes, so let's dot it !

06Presenting my creations

Making my work connecting with others

After all this work, I finally presented my project to our jury and also all the other students from the DWM section. I made a stand in which you could try the platform.

This final year project was huuuuge but it was amazing. I got a lot of feedback and support, and I push my limits to the maximum. You can now enjoy trading, and it works perfectly. Create an account right now !

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Hello, i'm not a title