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A typeface for modern designers

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Hello, i'm not a title

hello, i'm not a titlte

Discover Lato's typeface

Yep, I know now your are a designer ! Nice to meet you. Ever wondered what Lato's typeface can be ? This typeface inspired me so much because of his designer. I will talk about him below don't worry. I designed an interface that shows every detail of this wonderful font.

The first deal was to get the most information as possible about Lato on its own. It's important to inform itself about it and to search a lot of good stuff to present it. I read every article about it.

The second deal was the user experience. It's nice to see Lato, but it's better when you try it ! I made user searching to build the most useful digital experience. Have a look at the website below.


A typeface for modern designers

The question is : why modern designers ? Lato's typeface has got a perfect style in both minimal and maximal sizes. Those opportunities make this font matching with lots of designs. The font is also very easy to read in different ratio.

Discover the counter form here below. It shows that Lato is still readable even with missing parts all around the typography letters.

Counter forms
View from the desktop version

Made by a designer for designers

We're finally here ! The biggest designer of all time. It's Lukasz on the next. A font designer that made Lato as a free open source font for everyone. He wanted a font to be elegant with harmony, while the typography would show minimal details on both fat and low weight. Don't hesitate, check my website now and use Lato !

Want to see the project live ? Let's see it !

hello, i'm not a titlte