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    the headphones of the future
    #ux #ui #design #web_app #brand #team

    Imagine a new concept of communication in 10/100 years. We created Axiome, a headphone that allows people to control their life with their thoughts.

    Enter the future
    web application
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      Listen to awesome music
      #ux #ui #music #label #interface #design

      Want to hear the best music albums from the best artists ? Discover my identity of Atlantic Records website ! Connect your headphones and enjoy music !

      I'm a music lover
      web interface
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    A typeface for modern designers
    #ux #ui #interface #typeface #typography

    Are you a designer ? That's nice ! Discover my visual identity of Lato's typeface. A font with harmony and elegance for digital modern designers.

    I'm a designer !
    web interface
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      A full service XR consultancy
      #ux #ui #interface #design #graphics

      Discover the design I made as a design intern for Vonderlabs, a full service XR consultancy who provide business strategy and smart development.

      Check live
      Web interface
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    Space Scope

    A space time odyssey
    #ux #ui #interface #experience #design

    I built a small experience about an object that I really liked to use when I was a child looking to discover the universe that surround us.

    Jump into space !
    web experience

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Hello ! I’m Sebastien Seghers, a wonderful UX Design student based in Namur, Belgium.

I love the internet, I’m always connect on the social media. What I most like in web design is the UX part. Thinking about users is the best way to design something that’s useful, handful and easy to understand.

I’m acting in the second year at Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard in DWM (design web & mobile). I'm currently doing an amazing internship at Cherry Pulp agency.
Send me a line and let's talk !