Why we founded Axiome ?

Behind Axiome is a team of web designer who likes convenience, while we were looking for a solution to one of our daily problems (solve tasks on connected devices while being busy) we decided to start this project. No more 10 minute session to write a 3 page long text that finally ends up only being “good night”. No more breaks during our FIFA games to write

messages, no more removing the gloves during the winter in order to type. Those are a few daily stories that we encounter regularly and which are very annoying. That’s the reason why we developed these headphones and the application itself, allowing us to have more convenience in our daily lives.

axiome founders

credits and thanks

  • graphic burger

    for the iphone mock up

  • annyang

    for the coding plug-in

  • isman’s father

    for the 3D Axiome print

  • unsplash

    for the free pictures

  • flaticon

    for some icons

  • typekit

    for the typographies